Xiamen 1

it's been a wonderful 4 days in xiamen which is a major city of China. the purpose of visit was really to catch up with an old friend who's been working there for about 10 years now. i can understand the attraction the place has for her. the lifestyle is alot simpler than home here and the people lead their own lives without much fanfare. there isn't alot of of the pleasantries that one might be used to when you step into the shops but they will help you readily if you had questions or needed help with directions. i saw someone at the hotel tipping the doorman who quietly declined and smiled as he helped him with his luggage.

i loved walking the streets. it comes alive especially over the weekends and the street food is delicious but rather salty. i took alot of food pictures but somehow didn't do a good job of it. many of it with blown out highlights. above are just some pictures of the streets.


  1. I have never been but it sounds wonderful from your description. The feeling that I always get from visiting other places is that life doesn't have to be just the one that we know here. There are so many different people, living all kinds of alternative lifestyles.

  2. Your photo series is wonderful and great. I like to walk with your eyes through the city. Another World at the other end of the world.

  3. I can't remember if I've told you before (I feel like I must have...) that Mike and I are hopefully going to be moving to Asia next fall? I'm hoping to get a teaching job out there. Your photos just make me so excited to start that season of our life!

    One of the schools are looking at is in Guangzhou, China ... do you have any thoughts on that city? So far I've read it has cray pollution - any good things? :)

  4. i'm digging these snapshots of life there. i especially like the bike rider -- what a shot.

  5. Anonymous17.11.11

    great shots. thanks for this mini-break from home!

  6. Hi Shirley, yeah I feel the same way. Going away does make my problems seem so small at the end of the day :)

    Thank you Kristine.

    Hi Janis, that sounds really exciting! I've never been to Guangzhou but it sure will be different. If you're not used to crowded places, it'll take a couple of months to adjust. I'm sure the students will love you! It won't be boring for sure :)

    Thanks Jacqueline!

    HI Petra, hope all's well thanks for dropping by.

  7. my god. i hope you are working on publishing your work in a book of photography. you are so gifted.

    like your last post, i have almost tears in my eyes. i wish i could have hired you as our personal photographer on our trip to bring E home. what memories we would have with you capturing them with such an artistic eye.