window scenes

i forgot i had taken these in my last trip during my train ride from Lucern to Basel so i thought i'd share them with you today. i hope you're having a pleasant week. it's still pouring over here and i had sloshy wet shoes and toes. i think i prefer my feet to be buried in soft white sand.


go bananas

i went to the store to buy some bananas so that i can fit them into this banana guard that i got as a present yesterday. i think i'll have bananas for lunch next week.


random thought

i am so glad that it is nearing the end of the week. it's been raining here and the weather's been pleasantly cool. all i want to do is put on a raincoat and bright yellow boots and go splashing in the puddles. i just might if you join in!


friday evening

we discovered a fish market that served great food. i guess that's the thing about shooting food in black and white, you'll have to make a guess what soup was on the menu tonight.



today is the hari raya haji festival celebrated by our muslim friends to mark the end of their annual holy pilgrimage to mecca. it's a public holiday for all and i get to have lunch at home with my husband. preserved turnip omelette and okra with dried prawn sambal.


birth day

today i have a little nephew who came into the world at seven this morning. if he wasn't so far away, this post will be filled with his pictures. i miss him and his sisters and his dad and mom. i am still waiting for the day where i can say beam me up scotty.


fish and chips

this evening my husband and i had dinner at smith's british fish and chips along tanjong katong road. I tried taking these pictures in black and white but food just doesn't quite right in black and white. and then i started to wonder if there were any cookbooks with black and white photography.


random pictures

i am still having fun going through all the pictures i took on my last trip. but i promised myself these are the last i'll upload. i need to get me some new pictures next week!


Train station

we're having a long weekend as it's a day of celebration amongst our hindu friends. it's just the kind of long weekend that would be great to hop on a train to somewhere.


I like ducks

i saw these during my trip in basel. i can watch them all day.


i like bicycles

never mind that i don't know how to ride on one. maybe one day.