rainy days

it's been raining alot lately. i like rain. i like how everything seems to smell cleaner after the rain. but i'd rather be at home with something good to read than out there trying to keep my feet out of the puddles of water.


ice cream

a bag of chips, a bottle of salsa, steak and rice, and ice cream for dinner.
this is not good.
i need to find other ways to cope with stress.

i hope you are having a better, healthier week!


a year of mornings

i was pleasantly surprised to find this at the bookshop one afternoon.
i visit maria's and stephanie's site from time to time but hadn't realized that it was compiled into a book, how lovely!
if you hadn't been part of their mornings already, do visit.
3191 consists of a series of quietly beautiful photos taken by two friends
3191 miles apart sharing their love for morning moments of serenity and solitude.



i chanced upon this store and i LOVE it!!
they not only have clothing, but shoes, bags, vintage accessories, books and journals.
my kind of store and i highly recommend it so if you're ever in town....
it is also the only clothes store my husband could stay in for more than 10 minutes.
we are definitely returning.


sunday morning

today is a happy sunday as can be.
no project deadlines to think about
just an empty mind and a camera in my bag.

have a good one.


evening bits

we had a quiet evening with the good company of my two favourite aunts.
we ate too much and agreed that all buffets are evil
but why do they have to be evilly delicious?


which one?

i think i'd pick the green.



this pic is on my computer screen at the moment
it was taken in greece one cool evening
and i remember thinking
i'd like to take all of it home and put it in front of my window.


happy easter

we had char siew bau and green tea snow ice.