keeping still

well the vacation's finally over and i had a wonderful time. i wish it can last just a little longer though. I miss waking up and just watching the view and nothing else. but it's good to be home too. i hope you're all having a good weekend.


Freiburg, Germany

i would have loved to stay here just a little longer!



dim sum in Basel to meet my craving!



if we had the four seasons here, i think i would like autumn best.


a detour

Strasbough, France



of mountains and fogs

we spent two nights in the alps and then took a tram up to the 'top of europe'. it was beautiful waking up to the view just outside our windows.


little things that matter

one of the highlights of my trip was staying with j's mom whom we affectionately referred to as Omar. she has the most lovely home. there's a piece of history in every nook and corner of this house built in the 1950s. little pieces of clay made by j and his siblings when they were children, collected pebbles, books, plants and pressed petals and leaves find their place comfortably in this home.


Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany



at Omar's in Hoehr-Grenzhausen, Germany.


a little trip

i am taking a little trip tomorrow and visiting friends in Basel for a week or two. i am with mixed emotions right now as i have work deadlines to meet for most of tomorrow. but wait til i get onto the plane...that's when i will do a lively jig much to the dismay of my husband. i hope to take lots of good pictures and share them with you soon. in the meantime, i wish you lovely weeks ahead.