wedding part 1

i attended a wedding yesterday
at St George's church
which i didn't know existed
tucked in a corner of the city
it was gorgeous.

you don't really get to see this sort of brick buildings
as much as you would see in other parts of the world
it had a quiet beauty
befitting of the bride and groom and their family.


one more coffee cafe

i am excited as this weekend i will have guests coming from out of town
there's nothing like good company over a cup of coffee.

i hope the week has been kind to you
one filled with old familial smiles and new wonders.


random bits

we were at vivocity last evening
taking in the sights at the upper deck of the mall.
i like the wide open spaces there.

the man that you see is really an inflatable man
who shows off his athletic prowess when the wind blows.

hope you're having a good sunday.


winter wear

you can tell what the weather is like far away
by just stepping into the shopping malls at this time of year.
winter coast, cardigans, stockings, and anything furry and warm.

i wish we had a little of winter here
just to put these on and sigh.


just a dash

a little dash of chili sauce, minced ginger and soya sauce
is what you'd find in this little package
all great with a dish of chicken rice.


look out

it's been a really busy week and i miss walking around with my camera.
in the meanwhile, here's a picture that was taken in santorini a while back
i hope it makes you smile too.

hope you're having a good week!


jones the grocer

jones the grocer is now open at mandarin galleria
if you're ever at this part of the world
visit them at dempsey hill
the ambience is really nice there
especially if you are looking for a leisurely day of coffee and desserts.



new drawers

i love the look of this chest of drawers
but each time we pull a drawer out
we have to do it oh so carefully
otherwise the bottom will just crash onto the floor

so we decided to go to scanteak
to get another chest of drawers
only to find ourselves ordering other pieces of furniture
i need to stay away from furniture malls.


looking up

i couldn't stop looking at these lamps in a restaurant in town
the colours of the ceiling were changing all the time



bottle art

i wonder if this would make a great raft for chuck and wilson..


red dot

i had a great time at red dot traffic yesterday. i love the red building and i love the name reflecting singapore as a red dot on a map. and i love that it is a place about design and creativity.



the dawn of a new day in the new year

this was taken at pangkor laut resort last year
and i would have loved to spend my new year there

happy new year everyone
have a good one!