a day at the zoo

it was a hot day to start with and we got some hats.
we were first greeted by parrots who stood so still
i thought they weren't real at first.
we saw many animals
including the mouse deer, pygmy hippos (my favourite) and hawthogs
and then we stopped over for some ice tea and dim sum
and watched an animal show on the importance of animal preservation
and fed some elephants (my niece's favourite)
and then only to discover the end of the day that
we could have rode on one of these!

all in all it was a very good day!
hope you're having a good day too.


playground scenes

kids are amazing
they can play with anything that they find off the ground
and chat like old friends
over leaves.



a rare occasion of having lunch with my husband
at watami
one of our favourite japanese places to dine.


burger bench & bar

we discovered a new burger joint today and
ooh la la
it's marvelicious!


lucky plant

i love this plant from mom for the new year.


tea for many

i like the fact that we have days like that.

the once a year celebrations
where many i know dread
because it means having to clean and cook and making sure
the kids are in their sunday best and more importantly
for many having to meet loved ones whom they haven't seen since last
the aunts, uncles, in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews and then some more they didn't know.
a mix of past, present, old, new, bitter, sweet, wise and proud
a reluctant visit for the soul,
and yet in some strange way,
a quiet journey for finding who we are
and the road that has yet to be taken.


the eve

it's been a good start with the chinese new year.
celebrations started early with family returning home for the season.
with four more people, big and little in the house
there's been alot of pitter patter screaming and incessant chatter and sticky food on my sofa
just the way a new year should be.

happy chinese new year to all
may your year be a roaring good one!


blur blurb

today i got my new point and shoot camera
and couldn't wait to use it
and caught these at the traffic junction

i think i like it.



i want to be that ostrich that buries his head in the sand
just for a while
i'd like to take a break from the office
and switch off my phone and emails
and not have that sense of panic creeping up that i can't get enough done
before the chinese new year
which is this sunday
did you know?