tea for many

i like the fact that we have days like that.

the once a year celebrations
where many i know dread
because it means having to clean and cook and making sure
the kids are in their sunday best and more importantly
for many having to meet loved ones whom they haven't seen since last
the aunts, uncles, in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews and then some more they didn't know.
a mix of past, present, old, new, bitter, sweet, wise and proud
a reluctant visit for the soul,
and yet in some strange way,
a quiet journey for finding who we are
and the road that has yet to be taken.


  1. The first picture- is that a tablecloth? It's gorgeous fabric- I love the colors.

    Enjoy the celebrations and the family! :)

  2. Yeah it's my aunt's festive table cloth :) Hope you're enjoying the Tiger year celebrations there as well!