sunday bits

aside from watching the good wife this weekend, i wrapped these up for next weekend where i'll get to spend time with my little nieces in melbourne. the idea is to have them unwrap one pressie for each day of the week while i'm there. these are toys i got from the toy museum and i've got a strong feeling that the grownups are going to enjoy these more. happy weekend to you!



a whole lot of chocolate and a little retail therapy with mom always help put a different perspective to a really long week. happy weekend everyone.


toy museum

this is the mint toy museum at seah street. i had fun walking through five storeys of toys and would have played with them if they weren't behind the glass walls. i recognized a few of the toys that brought back fond memories of my early childhood years although most of the time i had wanted to exchange my gifts of dolls and dresses for my brother's toy trains and airplanes, cowboys and horses.


a little distraction

it's pretty unusual to have a nice little distraction on a weekday afternoon for me. comfort food and great company at lao bejing. hope this coming weekend is filled with the kind of distractions you like.