wouldn't it be nice to have your very own ferris wheel especially on mondays?


beer fest

last night we decided to check out the beer fest asia here. lots of beer, a rock band playing, cool chicks, large screen TVs for the world cup, and lots of people. definitely a guy's night out!



today i decided to take Robin's suggestion of going back to PS or rather the project shop cafe at paragon to take more pictures. the last time my camera batteries died and i made sure this time it was charged. i had a pasta lunch filled with delicious black pepper prawns and they were yummy. tomorrow is friday and i am smiling.


hang out

i really like this cafe at paragon. and i wish i had brought my batteries as my camera 'died' after this picture was taken.


kite flying

it's friday, what are you up to? i decided to be a kid again and we went kite flying.



today i found an old bag and in one of its pockets were some crushed lavender that a friend had given me on one of my travels which she had grown in her backyard. it's nice to discover the smell of spring in my bag.


at the hairdresser

i like being at my hairdresser's.
it's like waiting excitedly for a polaroid photo to show itself.


breakfast out

this morning we decided to have breakfast out at cafe cartel. it's not too far away from where we live and they have free flow of breads which i really like. having breakfast out is always a luxury to me after all one can always prepare eggs, sausages and toast at home but i guess i enjoy having breakfast with the rest of the world and without the need to do the dishes. the coolness of the cafe also helps, given the hot weather in these weeks. i hope you're having a pleasant saturday.



i think i need a hair cut.


laundry and sugar

this evening i did the laundry and then treated myself to these biscuits that i used to eat as a child biting the sugar bits and leaving the rest for my brother.