fast food pretty much sums up my week. it's been that kind of week where i forget where i put my keys or if i had paid my bills or what day it is. it's also been a roller coaster ride of emotions at work. i miss having a really boring week.
here's to uneventful quiet contented weeks. i hope to take more pictures soon.
in the meanwhile, i hope you're having good weeks and many smiles.



yesterday evening we decided to visit clark quay. there was a food festival there with all our popular local food delights but we were so taken with some of the new food eateries at clark quay that we decide to try somewhere new. we discovered tomo and declare it to be the best japanese food we've had here.


green fingers

hello. how have you been? time have sort of taken a stand still for me as i've been buried in work. but i still find a little peaceful moment walking through my neighbour's garden every evening and she smiles at me when she sees me and my camera. i hope you are having a good weekend. it has been raining lots lately but i am enjoying the cool evening breeze that follows.



we had lunch today at a fancy burger joint and everything there was delicious!


inactive pots

i was left hanging on several occasions on the internet only to find out recently my laptop was down with not one but four viral infections. i've had to reboot my system and reinstall everything and get an antivirus program. it wasn't a fun time at all but i'm glad to say we're all better now. i hope you're having a good week. the weekend's round the corner so yeah!