mixed fruit

it has been a really busy week and i am having a picture draught. but i found this one and it made me think about what's it like to do something different like waking up everyday and think of great desserts to be made for the week.


running out

i revisited some of my old pictures today. i need to take new ones. tomorrow is finally friday!


wish for friday

it feels like the end of the week, as if i've had four days instead of two. i wish it's friday tomorrow so that i can wake up and know that it's really the end of the week.



tcc is one of the many coffee cafes across the island. this evening my craving for anything chocolate was fulfilled.
here's to pleasant saturday evenings.


of sunny days and quiet neighbours

the weather's been really hot recently and it's going to get worse come june. these belong to my neighbour who i hardly get to see. i suppose when you live in an apartment and are out most of the day, you don't really know your neighbours except the ones you meet at the elevator every morning and the evenings. i have smiley neighbours though.

hope you're having good weather and good neighbours. have a good day tomorrow.



we had alot of fun down memory lane today otherwise known as a little shop at arab street.
my mom-in-law had a story for almost each-way-back-then item there was.
i could have stayed there for hours.


a celebration of love

today is the wedding of monica and joshua. it was a celebration of love which started in church and ended with lunch amongst their closest family and friends. i hope you like the pictures here. they were inspired by elisabelle who takes beautiful beautiful photos.


watch man

i often end up with something old sometimes borrowed and something new when i visit my dad. it's amazing what he can do with a pair of old shoes, an antique clock, an old chair, and just about anything. my mom thinks it's all junk but i think he's just a sentimental old bloke doing his part to reuse and recycle.


the queen and mangosteen

we finally gave the queen and mangosteen a try over the weekend.
it's a quaint little fish and chip place with great beer as described by my husband who can live on fish alone.
i just love the name of the place. i learnt the name reflects the english influence and the fruit, mangosteen, was rumoured to be the queen's favourite.
maybe purple was what they had in common.


quiet light

i love the 7 o'clock light that passes through my windows every morning
that makes me want to stay in just a little bit longer till it goes away.