random bits this week

...and two hours before 2010.


bright and merry

i wish it was the day before christmas all over again!


peace on earth good will to men

here's wishing you all a very merry christmas
and a blessed year ahead


friday's bits

an evening in town
that ended with a concert by budak pantai
entitled nothing also happy
my most very definitely definitive favourite acapella group

i remember these guys from way back
they have a way of making you feel like
you're in their living room
having coffee and just having a great time


just because..

..it's thursday going on friday and then the weekends!


getting ready

...for around the corner..


day and night

these were taken outside the acropol hotel in athens last year.


pretty green thing

i walked by a store yesterday
and this caught my eye

i took it off the rack
and then i put it back
and then i took it off the rack again

and now it hangs
on my window