i miss far away places, cool weather and coffee talks. hope you're off to a good week.



lights out for earth hour today.


this week

this week, I discovered pencil sculptures, read this short story, sang this in the bathroom, found a way to dress up tuna, and fought the urge to hug this little guy. all in all, a really good week. hope you're having a good one too.



we discovered a little place tucked away at dempsey road. E food and wine is the dining arm of john erdos furniture gallery. just follow the E on the big floating white balloon. it is amidst lush greenery and just the feel of quiet make you think that you're somewhere far far away. just what you might need to clear a busy mind and appreciate the simpler things in life.


prayers for japan

we read this morning's papers in silence. there are no words. only feelings. and quiet prayers that no more be hurt and all survivors found and reunited with their loved ones.


saturday brunch

here's to a leisurely saturday brunch. hope you're having one too.


of sky sea and fog

i am fascinated with camera filters on the iphone.



i haven't been getting enough sleep this week and if not for my husband getting me out of the house for lunch, i wouldn't have gotten out of bed today. i miss my camera and going to new places. in the meanwhile, i am loving this and wishing someone is secretly planning for one right here.