pepper and salt

everyday i am pleasantly reminded about how different my husband and i are.


young designers

these are some pictures of the work of young talented designers at temesek polytechnic.


Ipoh images

i had a good trip in ipoh.
ipoh is a small state in malaysia and my father's hometown.
i used to visit my grandmother when i was little. now the house that she used to live in seemed small.
what never changes is the food. you can never go wrong with food in ipoh.
although the dishes are what you'd find here, they just make it so much better. comfort food for the soul, that's how my husband put it.
if you ever drop by ipoh, be sure to have the white coffee, white noodles, groundnuts and the fattest beansprouts ever.

hope you're having a good week.


up and away

this same time tomorrow
i'll be miles away in ipoh with family.
have a great weekend ahead.


at the pinnacle

we decided to take a look at the pinnacle@duxton today.
the view was great and we thought about what it was like to live 50 storeys above.

and then we chanced upon jolly frog
where i had apple ginger juice

and then we wondered around the streets
where these yellow-red buildings caught my eye

all in all it was a good day.
hope you're having a great weekend.


35 degrees

the weather's been out of sorts in the last few days
it's better just staying in doors and drinking lots of fluids.


cutting hair day

when i was five my mom used to cut my hair in a certain way
and she told me that my hair looks best that way.
my hair didn't matter to me then
it was short, it stayed out of my eyes everything was good.
but as i grew i experimented.
long, short, curly, straight, waves, bob, pony tails.
when i look at the old pictures of me now,
i find myself looking like that five year old with that exact same hair cut.
and i smile.
mother knows best after all.



take your vitamins, eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids
have a bug free week!



it really feels like the new year is over
the little ones gone home
no more hide and seek, no more story time
no more jump into the covers, no more climbing on the sofa
no more "come play with me!", no more sticky fingers
no more climbing into bed and no more kisses goodnite.