random bits

i am planning to read a good read this weekend and go to the post office to send mail to a far-away friend. what are you up to?


tanjong pagar railway station

singapore's historic train station recently closed much to the sadness of many who travelled often from here to kuala lumpur to penang to bangkok since its operation in 1932. i haven't been on this train or least had no memory of being on one. like many, we tried to get a ticket before the last train ride however they were all snapped up. many wanted to take a last trip down memory lane. the sultan of johor wanted to drive the last train out really badly because of sentimental reasons. and he did. his great grandfather had paved the way for the first train from malaysia into singapore back in 1932. i would have loved to be on that train. it's funny how we take for granted everyday things until it goes away.


an evening of shared joy

he is from africa who has made a life in australia and she is a friend of more than fifteeen years and a hometown girl who is always contented with the simple things in life. and it was to everyone's delight when she announced that someone special had won her over and to come celebrate the evening with her. amongst close friends and relatives, they exchanged their vows and many tender moments that did not go unnoticed. i think their smiles really said it all. here's to the wonderful couple may you both have a very happy and blessed life ahead.


porridge at balestier

an evening of comfort food at balestier road. this is the same stretch of road where i go to when i need anything to do with lights and fixtures so it's funny that i forgot that there's really good food here. i must return.