on some days i wish the world was simpler as black and white.


Xiamen 3

these are the last of the xiamen series. i wish to go off somewhere soon again!


Xiamen 1

it's been a wonderful 4 days in xiamen which is a major city of China. the purpose of visit was really to catch up with an old friend who's been working there for about 10 years now. i can understand the attraction the place has for her. the lifestyle is alot simpler than home here and the people lead their own lives without much fanfare. there isn't alot of of the pleasantries that one might be used to when you step into the shops but they will help you readily if you had questions or needed help with directions. i saw someone at the hotel tipping the doorman who quietly declined and smiled as he helped him with his luggage.

i loved walking the streets. it comes alive especially over the weekends and the street food is delicious but rather salty. i took alot of food pictures but somehow didn't do a good job of it. many of it with blown out highlights. above are just some pictures of the streets.



we had brunch at arbite today. we stumbled upon it in serangoon gardens and i love it not just for the food but for the quiet simplicity of the place. it felt like i was visiting a friend at and i'm sure to go again.

although i'm grateful for the long weekend, it feels like the work week hasn't quite ended yet. lots of possibilties to create change in a new project but yet feeling uncertain and anxious about doing it right. i am though, feeling excited and relaxed about an upcoming holiday trip. i'll tell you all about it soon.

in the meanwhile, i hope the week has been good to you. have a great weekend!