we had brunch at arbite today. we stumbled upon it in serangoon gardens and i love it not just for the food but for the quiet simplicity of the place. it felt like i was visiting a friend at and i'm sure to go again.

although i'm grateful for the long weekend, it feels like the work week hasn't quite ended yet. lots of possibilties to create change in a new project but yet feeling uncertain and anxious about doing it right. i am though, feeling excited and relaxed about an upcoming holiday trip. i'll tell you all about it soon.

in the meanwhile, i hope the week has been good to you. have a great weekend!


  1. it seems to me your photos always hold that kind of simplicity- but perhaps those are the sort of things you seek out in your life. these are great, and this sounds like a lovely place.

    enjoy your weekend too :)

  2. Oh its been ages since I've been to serangoon gardens but your photos are so enticing I think I might just make a trip there soon. I know that anxious feeling that can come with wanting to do something well, hope everything goes great for you!

  3. it does look like a very peaceful place.
    i hope everything will turn out perfectly about your work.

  4. I love the wall and the cards on the wall. Wonderfull.

    Have a good week!

  5. What a cozy and clean space; love the neutral tones. Great job capturing the vibe!