this weekend is filled with a little dusting of coffee moments and catching up with the week's things to do which I didn't get to. not terribly exciting but i hope you're having a good one!



located in the wanderlust hotel, this is a french restaurant tucked away in little india with beautiful comfy decor and really good food. there's so many little knick knacks tucked away to make the place oh so homely. but i keep wanting those chairs.



this weekend i tried the gula melaka pandan cake at cedele's, watched a candy making session and listened to this kid play this cool instrument (i'm still figuring out what it is).

y'all have a great week ahead!



this is my mom's dresser. there is a piece of story behind everything here. it tells of who she is and a little about how she became who she is today. i like it that i get it. and more importantly i like me. i think that says alot more about her than me. happy mother's day mom.



little random bits

i had so much fun with the little guys and family this trip that i had neglected to take more pictures of the city. here's some random bits. gotta love the piano music basker with a feather in his cap.


a week with little people

and this is what i learnt. ask when you need help. belt up otherwise you won't go very far. wash your hands before and after every meal, that way, you won't get worms in your gut, and more importantly you'll get dessert. sing as much as you want. take play seriously. always be kind. unless someone takes away your toy. yell really loud, take it back and then hug and make up. ask questions. lots of them. find something to be amazed at everyday. lollies is the key to happiness. having love in your life is the key to bigger happiness. say you're sorry when you hurt someone. ask for a hug when you need one. dance. love generously. forgive and forget. tomorrow's a brand new day.