red and white

yesterday i accompanied my husband to a friend's office
and this was all that caught my eye.


new moon and other bits

last night i finally caught new moon
let's just say
it left my hubby falling asleep
and me a little disappointed


we had wonderful leftovers for breakfast this morning
dumplings and noodles
and sweet papayas.

hope you're having a lovely weekend.



black and white

..random bits in black and white..


toast box

breakfast morning at a little place call toast box

that smells of butter and buns
hot coffee and tea
of local delights like kaya and otak

of old neighbours and new friends
of family and little ones
of sharing of stories
and lightened hearts.


gentle giant

meet Flemy.

guardian and protector of my keys.

named after the famous gigantic and gentle giants.


it's christmas in the city

1. outside
2. inside
3. upside


i think i will visit this tree again.
i like the lights inside.
now if only we have snow at the equator.
i wish.


the perfect pair

1. spoon and fork




random bits

1. can't live without
2. House season 5
3. gift


yesterday evening

1. untitled
2. window display
3. ion
4. decor
5. twg tea
6. canton-i


it's friday

take off your shoes!!


little things

1. Untitled
2. Untitled


little things matter.


five minutes of silence
a smile across the room
a surprising note of thanks
the last pringle chip that is still a neat whole
tummyache laughter


here's hoping your day is filled with little things.


around the block

1. prayer bins
2. wedding lamp
3. lucky number
4. work
5. green


i visited a friend's house over the weekend and these caught my eye along the way.



1. window 1
2. window 2
3. window 3
4. window 4
5. window 5


what's outside your window?
do you like what you see?


is there
life and
twinkling lights?


pangkor laut resort 2

1. large umbrella
2. slippers
3. "seducing the senses"
4. shower rain
5. dried leaves


here are more pictures of things around the island.


my favourite thing to do is to stand under the rain shower.

pangkor laut resort 1

1. sea villa
2. pool & sea
3. personal touch
4. scent vents
5. bath salts
6. invitation


we had the most wonderful time in pangkor laut resort. we had read about it in a magazine some years ago and vowed to visit the island one day.


nothing but sun sky sea and sand and beautiful people on the island.


the view oh the view would be enough for us to return there again.