little addictions

this my latest. i can't seem to stop. waterthins with nutella, waterthins with cheese, waterthins with tomatoes and waterthins so good you can eat them on their own. what's your latest addiction?



the weekend's here. have a yippee one y'all!



do you get excited when you see something that remind you of yesteryears? i took a trip down memory lane when i went by this store called birds and co. by books actually. almost everything there took me to a place and/or person or event that happened a while ago. and they all made me smile. one day, decades later, someone will walk into a store like this and see a macbook, an iphone and say hey, my grandma used to use one just like that.



it has been a long week so i decided to sneak in some time at the end of the day to visit one of my favourite store. i hope you folks get to sneak some time for play this weekend. Have a good one.



i have this playing on my music list at the moment and i can't keep still. have a great weekend.


rainy day

these were taken two weeks ago at sentosa. we were hoping to spend a day at the beach but it ended up pouring much to our dismay so we ended up at spa botanica. staying in the indoor heating pool with this playing made up for it.


being human

i started to watch the bbctv series of being human and was surprised at how i was so drawn to it. if you haven't seen it already, it's about three roommates, a vampire, werewolf and ghost, trying really hard to live a life of normality in a neighbourhood and having to cope with their 'special needs'.

it's a wonderful distraction on a weekday. hope you're all having a good start to the week.


quiet evening

it's been a wonderful long weekend of celebrations and catching up with loved ones and meeting new acquaintances. i hope you're having a good one too.


4 feb

i love my aunt nancy's home. here are some quiet moments amidst the noise and festivity today.