i took a walk this evening and spotted this kite stuck on the tree and thought how apt this is to describe my week. a little stuck with work lately, happy but wishing that the winds will shift so that i can have more adventures with my camera. thank you for taking the time to visit and for all your comments. i feel contiually inspired when i visit your sites. have a good evening to all and a good week ahead.


zeiss ikon nettar

this is what my father bought at the flea market. we don't know much about it but i know i need to get me some 120mm film.


chicken rice

if i could only eat one thing everyday. and it has to be wee nam kee's hainanese chicken rice.


brunch at pete's

pete's at the basement of hyatt hotel is a cosy italian restaurant and it has one of the best salad bar and soups and pasta. i love the brick wall, checkered table cloth which reminds me of the 70's, but it's a challenge to take pictures with the dim yellow lighting (so if you have any ideas). the ambiance is great though and it feels like a family restaurant 'where everybody knows your name'. happy weekend once again!