We took a short trip to Osaka and Kyoto recently and we loved everything about it- the city, the shrines and temples and the food oh the food!  I forgot how cold winter can be so part of the fun was finding a way to stay warm as we toured the city.  The trip was just too short I would have loved to see more of Kyoto.


Chiang Mai

More random pictures.


Hilltribes, Chiang Mai

When we visited Chiang Mai over the weekend, we saw a picture of the hill tribes while on the tuk tuk and out of curiosity, we decided to visit the following day.  The cab driver who took us there couldn't speak much English except for the cursory hello and thank you- pretty much as good as my Thai.  So we were left to wander on our own.  I wasn't sure what to expect and tried not to be intrusive.  To our pleasant surprise, a few of the villagers, welcomed us, invited us to sit down and to also take pictures if we liked.  The villagers there comprised of different tribes and I wished I had a tour guide to tell the stories behind some of these pictures.  That night, we returned to the city, had dinner and talked about what it would be like to lead a simpler life.