i took these pictures a long time ago. now i can't quite recall why. i must have had a lot of idle time. and too many pears in the kitchen.


today i think of far away places while listening to this.



we had nando's chicken today. nando's recently came to singapore and in true singapore fashion, many will get in line early to get a seat. by 8pm there was a queue of about 30 people waiting for a table. it was funny to me because each time i had nando's in melbourne, there was hardly anyone in the restaurant.


cheer up the worst is yet to come

today i smiled as i read this little scribble in an old notebook.


this is home truly

today is our country's 45th birthday. as i am writing this, a series of tankers are just outside my window making their way to the parade. i can hear the faint cheers of thousands in the distance and see the fire works that have started to light the sky. i feel a sense of pride and nostalgia. happy birthday singapore. may you continue to live peacefully in interesting times.