we had nando's chicken today. nando's recently came to singapore and in true singapore fashion, many will get in line early to get a seat. by 8pm there was a queue of about 30 people waiting for a table. it was funny to me because each time i had nando's in melbourne, there was hardly anyone in the restaurant.


  1. Isn't it funny how certain restaurants take off depending on the area?

    There was a local burger place when I was a kid that closed down because the owners were selling drugs out of the back kitchen. It's now a popular chain fastfood burger restaurant on the American east coast!

    It's nice to see you back online. Is your computer feeling better?

  2. Hi Robin! Gosh i hope they didn't mix the drug with theburgers! :) my computer has it's good and bad days :( thks for asking :)

  3. Your photo's are brilliantly awesome! What magical camera do you use?

    But anyways, thanks for the excellent review :] Looking forward to seeing you at Nando's again soon mate :]

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