quiet celebration

my last post for 2010! happy new year everyone!


christmas eve

these are some pictures from this morning's christmas eve's party. but it's now past midnight already and officially Christmas! so have a very merry christmas from my family to you and yours, may your christmas stockings be filled with lots of laughter, joy, peace and goodwill towards yourself and others and may you also keep your two front teeth for a really long time!


the french stall

this evening i had the chance to have dinner with my aunt who took us to The French Stall, a little restaurant tucked away in a neighbourhood that you wouldn't think you would find french food. i'm not quite sure what is good french food but i liked what i ordered.


special tree

i walked past a hotel today and decided to wait in there as i was early for my appointment. i stopped right here and thought about how long it took them to put up this christmas tree. i can still remember the thrill i had when my parents bought a green (plastic) tree when we were kids and we all had fun decorating it. i made sure all the tinsels and other shiny bits were evenly distributed and thought it so clever of mom and dad to have cotton on the tree so that it'll look like snow. my brother and i took turns to put the star at the top each year. and the lights. i loved the blinking lights and would watch them long after my parents fell asleep. what do you remember most?



i haven't felt inspired with my pictures lately but i do enjoy having a leisurely saturday breakfast. here's to more leisurely breakfast days. hope you're having one.



wouldn't it be great if you blew on a dandelion and your wish came true?


that time of year

today someone said to me somewhat absentmindedly, 'it's really december, where did the time go?' and i had a momentary sense of panic. because for that second, i really couldn't think of what i did this year. i remembered what i had for breakfast this morning and then it was _____. and then i read petra's page and i heaved a sigh of relief because i realized i wasn't the only one who couldn't think of 10 memorable things! maybe today is the kind of day where i didn't want to think and maybe it's really because it's been a year of doing and not enough of taking stock of my life. but then again, maybe it's because I've had a blessed year to not know the difference. i do know though that i am continually thankful for a couple of things like my family, old friends and new, good health, and other things that define my everyday life like blogger and pasta and airplanes and my job and my camera and of course, comfortable shoes. what about you?


ramen play

there's a new japanese eatery near home and we decided to visit. i like the decor. it's like stepping into someone's living room.



tonight's menu: potatoes and chicken in teriyaki sauce, fried tofu with onions and french beans and carrots with garlic.


window scenes

i forgot i had taken these in my last trip during my train ride from Lucern to Basel so i thought i'd share them with you today. i hope you're having a pleasant week. it's still pouring over here and i had sloshy wet shoes and toes. i think i prefer my feet to be buried in soft white sand.


go bananas

i went to the store to buy some bananas so that i can fit them into this banana guard that i got as a present yesterday. i think i'll have bananas for lunch next week.


random thought

i am so glad that it is nearing the end of the week. it's been raining here and the weather's been pleasantly cool. all i want to do is put on a raincoat and bright yellow boots and go splashing in the puddles. i just might if you join in!


friday evening

we discovered a fish market that served great food. i guess that's the thing about shooting food in black and white, you'll have to make a guess what soup was on the menu tonight.