christmas eve

these are some pictures from this morning's christmas eve's party. but it's now past midnight already and officially Christmas! so have a very merry christmas from my family to you and yours, may your christmas stockings be filled with lots of laughter, joy, peace and goodwill towards yourself and others and may you also keep your two front teeth for a really long time!


  1. These pictures look like such a fun Christmas! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday with family and friends. :)

  2. Anonymous25.12.10

    lol, what a lovely Christmas wish (I've just been told this is an acutal song!!?? - love it!!).

    a very merry Christmas to you, too. I hope you are having a quiet and relaxed time with your family and friends.

    lots of love from London.

  3. thank you for such a perfect christmas wish! hope yours was happy as well. i so love that you all played twister together. brought back great memories and you captured the fun so well~!

  4. I hope you had a very happy time! Great photos!

  5. lovely photos thanks Karen and a very merry christmas to you. these games look like so much fun and a delightful way to bring everyone together. see you again in the NY x

  6. It's good to know that you had fun on Christmas eve!

    This is a nice idea, instead of watching each other before dinner.

    Thank you for such a lovely christmas wish. Wish you all the best, more peace in your heart and happiness through out the year.

  7. Thank you Robin! Hello Petra from London :) I hope you got to here the song :) kitchu and suzie and Paula, my best wishes to you too! Annalyn, yeah I had a fun time with my colleagues and thank you for your kind wishes, I wish the same for you and your family too.