a walk...the museum...and cookie making moments.



afternoon tea

my first attempt at film. my dad laughed at me when he saw me try to load the film in this old (but well cared for) pentax mx which i found in an ad that said 'in search for a home'. last year i tried a friend's film camera only to discover after a few days of shooting that i didn't load it properly. i'm glad some pictures turned out this time but i'm definitely going to need a lot more experience with this camera and film. if you have any tips or stories to share...

have a weekendish weekend everyone!


i feel prickly

you know that song..

i feel pretty
oh so pretty
i feel pretty and witty and bright!
and i pity
any girl who isn't me tonight!

..today i walked past the cactus collection of my neighbour's and the song was ringing in my head except i replaced 'pretty' with 'prickly'. i think i need to get out more often.

hope you're having a good week.


round the corner

chinese new year's just round the corner. right now every family who celebrates the day is busy spring cleaning the house hoping to sweep away all ill fortunes and to make way for good luck and all things good. on the eve of new year which falls on the second next month, all families will get together to have a feast, more commonly known as the reunion dinner. you see chinese goodies everywhere here and the streets are lined with lanterns and mandarin oranges like these.



i took these in an old neighbourhood in queenstown. the gate and series of letter boxes are a common sight here.


playground art

i loved this series of photos of playgrounds around the island. i would have loved to be part of the design team. they bring back memories of when i was a child. i still like visiting these playgrounds and find an excuse to play in them when i take my nieces out.


boston meets tang

last night we attended a concert by the Boston Brass band and the Tang String Quartet. they played the music of romeo and juliet and later selections from westside story. i never did think about a brass band coming together with the string section before. and it was perfect. i didn't want the music to end. hope you're having a great weekend.


could be

have you ever had one of those days where you think about what you would do differently if you weren't doing what you were doing now? i do sometimes. today i think of being a seamstress. and sewing clothes for audrey hepburn.



today is my father's birthday. we had a night out and it was really comforting to hear that if he had to re-live any age of his life, it would be right now at 74. happy birthday papa.



i was inspired by robin to think of a word that would sum up my attempts to be this year. i think that word is brave. brave enough to try something without knowing the answer, to be uncertain, to be spontaneous and to finally say it didn't go at all as i planned but boy, what an adventure!


first meal

i started the year with my favourite food. pasta yeah! only this time i added a few more chilis than i usually do. so by mid way into our meal, my husband and i were sniffling with tears running down our cheeks and refilling our glasses with ice cold orange juice til there weren't any left. my mom-in-law came back with a new potted plant that's suppose to bring us prosperity and i dished her a plate of pasta with a warning rating which she said she was brave enough to try. hope you're having a memorable start to the year.