round the corner

chinese new year's just round the corner. right now every family who celebrates the day is busy spring cleaning the house hoping to sweep away all ill fortunes and to make way for good luck and all things good. on the eve of new year which falls on the second next month, all families will get together to have a feast, more commonly known as the reunion dinner. you see chinese goodies everywhere here and the streets are lined with lanterns and mandarin oranges like these.


  1. I should honor that tradition and sweep my flat clean for the Chinese New Year! :) I like the idea of getting rid of ill fortune and bringing in good luck for the new year.

  2. love this first photo with light.
    i hope you will have a wonderful celebration!!!

  3. Anonymous20.1.11

    oh, I wish I was there. maybe next year...

  4. Anonymous21.1.11

    Hello Karen; thank you for visiting.
    The preparations, I am sure, are a bit different than what we are used to around here. I would love to have the possibility to take part of the Chinese celebration once.
    Think I'll do a bit of cleaning around here too. My daughter's doll is named Bo, she's Chinese, so in her honour, we'll do an effort!
    Lilli :)

  5. we are trying to get prepared here as we want to incorporate our daughter's heritage as much as we can into her life. we have a big chinese new year celebration coming up in the next week as well. i have been remiss about getting our house ready. it's just been such a busy week~!

  6. Thanks for all your little notes and well wishes I enjoyed reading them! I hope the same for all of you and your children and Bo the doll a year of good health, joy and prosperity in the spirit for the chinese new year :)