morning scenes


  1. i love these. especially the top photo: so intimate.. and the details like the scale...
    and of course i love the second one too with all the books.
    i wonder why there is always so much clutter on the armchairs. we have two armchairs at home on which we pile all kind of things and can never seat on ;)

    ps: did not forget your print... i am just terrible at getting things done sometimes... but i might be sending you something even better if you wait a bit longer:)

  2. Karen, these may be my favorite photos that you have shared. :) Simply beautiful.

  3. Uninhibited and beautiful.

  4. Thank you Elizabelle, I had to laugh at your arm chair comment :) Oh no worries, I am very patient when it comes to waiting for beautiful things :)

    Robin, I'm glad you liked these, thank you.

    Hi there Denise, thanks for coming by :)

  5. There's peace and potential in each of these photos. So lovely.