asian civilization museum and salsa

the weekend ended yesterday with lukpla and jochen
seeking out the merlion, hawker food, and tim sum, and a bit of history
and one more conversation til the wee hours in the morning.
it was five years ago that we were like this together
it's nice how the space between us never changes.


they flew off this morning
and the house is quiet once again.
here's hoping that we'll continue that conversation
perhaps sometime in basel soon.


  1. very nice photos, i especially like the one of the boxes or is it maybe a typewriter at the museum? sounds like a nice time with your friends.

  2. Our weekend also ended with the departure of friends and a suddenly quiet house. You pegged these sorts of friendships perfectly though with your sentiments about the "space" and "conversation." Thanks :)

  3. Hi Adam, thanks! The typewrite is actually a large old chest but I'm not sure what's in it. Hi Jenious, thanks for your thoughts, I enjoyed reading about your weekend.