fish and chips

this evening my husband and i had dinner at smith's british fish and chips along tanjong katong road. I tried taking these pictures in black and white but food just doesn't quite right in black and white. and then i started to wonder if there were any cookbooks with black and white photography.


  1. Anonymous14.11.10

    now I'm hungry!

    I'm not sure cookbooks in just black and white work... might be a nice little project, though, to see if one could make it work :)

  2. that's a good question.
    there is not so many I think...

    nice photos!

  3. Hello, Karen! It's almost lunchtime here and I'm drooling on my keyboard looking at these lovely photos. Thinking that vanilla ice-cream would still look yum in a b&w cookbook...and licorice?

  4. Hmm...you all now got me thinking about what kinds of food would look good in black and white..Paula, you're right, those would look yum in black and white :P