Tea and the sniffles

Tis the season to be recovering from flu. It was not fun coming down with a temperature on Christmas Eve and missing out on the celebrations but I'm just glad the worst is over. It's true what they say about good health being the ony thing you'd wish for when you don't have it. Of course when you do, you think about other things having tea with family and friends and possibly having a coffee maker in the kitchen.


  1. That's exactly how it is; we do not remember to appreciate good health until it's gone. I've been reminded of it so many times (not just by getting ill myself, but watching my loved ones struggle with health issues), and yet I always forget until the next reminder comes along. So thank you for the wake up call! I'm glad you are on the better side now - and that cake looks yummy! :)

  2. You make me laugh Karen! But I'm glad you got well in time for the new year though, take care!

  3. Thank you Ansku, I wish you and your loved ones good health always.

    Hi Elisabelle, it's lemon cake and it was yummy!

    You too Shirley, take vit C and stay away from people like me :)